Liz's WIPs, Tips, and Tricks 2/7/23

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This week we are talking Grammys, women supporting women, new way to t-stitch and some in season stitching.
Featured today:
-Visit our the homepage of our website for a link to our LOVE themed canvases and accessories.
-A finish by Melissa! She stitched a beautiful Baubles stocking canvas and added a fun plaid to the top section.
-Kelli showed Liz a new way to t-stitch for her Tricia Lowenfeld 12 days set and her mind is blown🤯 Watch our posts for the chart.
-Let’s get lucky! We are getting ready for March with 2 great St. Paddy’s themed canvases, threads and accessories. The @victoriawhitsonneedlepoint Chatelaines are the most gorgeous tools you can get your hands on!
Have a great week and remember…take some time to stitch.

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