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Your communication is excellent! Thank you... I enjoy doing business with The Wool & The Floss, Melissa, and all of the Flossettes. What a great team!!!

- Mona C. via Shopify

Hello from Nashville! Just "discovered" your beautiful shop this morning and literally spent the better part of the day watching your shop videos of customer and shop finishing, etc.!!!! I LOVED it!!! Actually, I should have thrown some popcorn in the microwave and settled down on the couch for a super-fun day of viewing all the GORGEOUS finishing!

- Ellen D. on Shopify

Absolutely love visiting W & F!! Melissa and her staff are so wonderful. As a new needlepointer, I have learned so much from them. Their selection is the best and I never leave empty handed. I look forward to my visits with them and wish I could visit weekly. If you are new or a long time needlepointer, W & F is a must to visit. You won’t be disappointed💗

- Alisa K. on Google

This is a delightful shop! Melissa and her team are wonderful to work with. They are a LNS from afar and provide excellent needlepoint services. Each person I have talked with at the shop has been so friendly and helpful. Love the Unboxing Party, WOW Wednesday and the WIP/Tips and Tricks!♥️ Thanks to all of you!

- Brenda R. on Facebook

Ode to the Flossettes
Here’s to the Flossettes
Who we all count on.
To make our wishes come true
Without being put upon!
It took some time, I must admit,
For the deer to arrive.
Yikes! It wasn’t a kit!
No threads, said I!
How foolish of me!
A stitch guide in hand,I called with my plea.
Flossette, oh flossette,
Use the guide if you can.
Make me happy, I beg.
Just follow the plan.
We don’t have some of these.
Can I substitute? She asked.
Of course you can, said I.
In that you surpass.
So pull threads they did,
And here comes the package.
Fabulous colors, of course,
And choices above average.
So just a note to say,
You always come through.
Compared to others
You always outdo.
I’m really not crazy,
My med’s are now due.
Thank you from me
And good wishes to you.

- Susan C. by email

Received my canvas today and it is absolutely adorable!! Can’t wait to get started. And it was extra special because it was accompanied by a very nice note from Kate. One day I will get to MI from CT to visit you all in person. In the meantime, keep up your great work. You help to make needlepoint fun with every touch point!!

- Maggie P. via Shopify

I am so glad that I discovered your shop in 2023! You have introduced me to new tools, new needlepoint designers and wonderful projects and canvases! It is so relaxing to stitch and watch Wips, Unboxing videos and Wow Wednesday! I also enjoy the Pointing it out podcast. Keep up all the good work and thank you for all your help this past year!

-Angie S. via email

I picked up needlepoint again 4 months after 35+ years since my last stitch, and boy have things changed! I was looking online one day and found The Wool & the Floss. Hands down they are the best store to deal with. I live in NC and have access to needlepoint stores, but they do not compare to W&F with their customer service, and the Lives on FB and IG that have flattened my wallet! 🤣 Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the great work!!

- Stacey H. on Facebook

I am an online customer. Every time I need something everyone from the owner, Melissa to Liz or another staff member have bent over backwards to help. Melissa went out of her way to track down a canvas which I ordered online seconds after someone already purchased the same item. It just didn't have enough time to show as sold. So she was able to still fill my order when she traveled to Texas for the cash and carry market. With so much going on at market it was amazing she was able to keep me in mind. But this is just one of many times they have fulfilled my wishes, Kudos to the Wool & Floss.

- Pam H. on Google

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